Slum TV is a grassroots media collective based in Mathare, Nairobi. The organisation was founded in 2007 to train young people from the neighbourhood in digital media production under the slogan; films made by Mathare, in Mathare, for Mathare. Since 2007 Slum TV has grown to work with young adults from, and to document life in, the broader Eastlands region. The organisation has trained over 150 individuals and produced more than 500 films.

While the mainstream media depicts the slum as a space of poverty and crime, Slum TV tries to tell a more nuanced story. We describe the entire spectrum of life in Mathare and Eastlands, the highs and the lows, the successes and the shortcomings. These are our stories - of our sisters, brothers and parents, and of our economic and socio-political environments. And we tell them - our trainees, alumni and staff hail from Mathare and Eastlands.

Slum TV equips young people with the technical and conceptual tools to document and describe the world that they live in. A Slum TV trainee not only learns how to make films, from scripting to shooting to editing and post-production, she learns why making films is so important, the rich responsibility of representation.

Our vision is to radically redefine the image of the informal settlements we work in by training communities from these settlements to take ownership of this narrative. We are connected and collaborate with a network of similar-minded organizations nationally and internationally. Collectively we aspire to collectively build an international slums’ broadcasting channel to connect the global slum community.

SlumTV was registered in 2007 as a Trust under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act CAP 164 by the following Trustees: Sam Hopkins, Biki Kangwana, Francis Kimanzi and Mutheu Mbondo.