Hand in hand with our Film production and Training programme, Slum TV exhibits its films in different forums and locations mainly the Goethe Institutte, Mathare slums and in other parts of Nairobi county. The aim of this programme is to raise people's awareness both nationally and internationally on the lives of the informal settlement dwellers through film.

The objectives are;

  • First, to showcase the work done by the youth. This also goes hand in hand with Slum TVs publicity campaign as we strive to entrench the organization in the grassroots.

  • Secondly, this avenue acts as a mirror to the community. All content shot from the slum is shown back to the residents. In so doing, Slum TV intends to provoke a thought process aimed to achieving the objectives of the films screened.

  • Thirdly, to encourage community participation through the feedback system administered during the screening. Slum TV is able to capture dialogues and comments from the community members about the screened content while receiving ideas on the areas that need attention. This serves Slum TV's inquisition on the effects of its screening program a well as a guide for Slum TV's content development.

From screenings on the inflatable screens to TV sets in public spaces and video booths in Nairobi slums, we continue to find innovative ways to reach disadvantaged communities.


  • Our work started in 2006

  • 1200plus number of people at evening open-air screenings.

  • One professional camera and one sound recorder currently in use by more than 20 filmmakers

  • A film and photography workshop facilitated in and out of Nairobi County annually.

  • Hosting installations and photography exhibitions in different projects.